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HTML5 Mobile Apps Development

Apps Development Course Outline

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HTML5 Essentials is a course designed to help students gain a base proficiency in HTML5 Mobile Development.

Intro to Front End Engineering (1 hour)

  • Vision for HTML5
  • Mobile web is the web
  • How HTML5 integrates with everything
  • Front End Engineering is not an island
  • Basic Markup

Basic Markup (1 hour)

  • What is semantic markup, what we dropped from HTML4 and why
  • New Tags in HTML5
  • Doctype and charsets
  • Essential Meta Information
  • Web Developer Tools
  • Overview of the DOM
  • Putting your first HTML5 webpage online
  • Basic Versioning
  • Validating your code, and browser issues
  • Accessibility
  • Basic Selecting and Styling

Basic Selecting and Styling (1 hour)

  • How to select elements in the DOM with CSS
  • How to manipulate the page using the Cascade
  • Block and Inline elements
  • Floats, positioning, borders, margins, padding and text
  • Understanding the viewport

Basic JavaScript (1 hour)

  • Variables
  • Arrays
  • Strings
  • Loops
  • If/else and equivalence
  • Object Literals
  • JSON
  • Functions
  • Scope and Hoisting

Intermediate Markup (1 hour)

  • Effective positioning of your scripts
  • Good uses of the head tag
  • Importing vs linking
  • Anchoring
  • More Meta Tags
  • Inserting Analytics

API Overview

A high level overview of related subjects that make up what we know as HTML5 We will be touching on HTML5 subjects from Canvas and the Application Cache, to Touch Events, Messaging API, Responsive Design, Geolocation and Websockets just to name a few.

HTML5 Fast Track Modules

HTML5 FastTrack is a one-day course for semi-professional developers or graduates from our HTML5 Essentials.

This module is exclusively offered as a part of HTML5 Course.

Intermedia Javascript and jQuery

  • Using web developer tools Tips for using the console
  • Deeper into the DOM
  • Scope, Private and Public, Callbacks and Nesting, NameSpacing, Using Object Literals, patterns, code execution, and general best practices
  • Jquery, and the 20% you will use 80% of the time
  • Event Handling and Binding Gotchas
  • Intermediate Selecting and Styling

Intermediate Selecting and Styling

  • Using web developer tools for live styling
  • CSS3 selectors
  • CSS3 properties
  • CSS3 hints and gotchas
  • Custom styles and conditional hacks
  • The 20% of CSS3 that you will use 80% of the time
  • Advanced Markup and SVG
  • Even more meta tags
  • SEO outlining
  • Microformats
  • Advanced SVG
  • ARIA
  • Device listening (@media)
  • Working with third party fonts
  • Retina versioning
  • Advanced Selecting and Styling

Advanced Markup and SVG

Advanced Selecting and Styling

  • Gylphs and Font Icons
  • Effective use of multiple background images
  • Gotchas for nth-of and other static selectors
  • Advanced positioning techniques
  • Border gotchas, grids, tables, and flex boxes
  • EMs vs Pixels (pros and cons)
  • Resetting Techniques
  • Optimization
  • CSS3 Fallback best practices
  • Advanced styling with before and after filter injection
  • HTML entities
  • API Code Overview

API Code Overview

A mid-level overview of APIs and related subjects that make up what we know as HTML5 We will be covering all the main HTML5 related subjects from Canvas and the Application Cache, to Touch Events Messaging API, Responsive Design, GeoLocation and WebSockets just to name a few This section moves quickly and discusses actual code.

HTML5 Mobile Modules

HTML5 Mobile is an advanced two-day course comprising of six carefully chosen mobile-relevant HTML5 Modules. Graduates from this course should be able to build HTML5 projects that target multiple devices and platforms.

jQuery Mobile 1.1.1

  • What is the jQuery Mobile Framework 1.1.1, and why it is not jQuery for Mobile.
  • Getting comfortable with data-* in your markup.
  • Mobile form helpers.
  • Why we break execution order best practices?
  • Dealing with the mobile viewport.
  • Multiple View Architecture.
  • Reaching out to a server (XmlHTTPRequest Level 2 and JSONP).
  • Overriding page handling using native jQuery Mobile listeners.
  • Themes and rolling your own.
  • Rapid Mobile Prototyping.

Responsive Design

  • The myth of the one flexible design.
  • All mobile views are different.
  • Orientation and pixel densities.
  • Freeing up some viewport real estate with JavaScript trickery.
  • Markup fine tuning.
  • Resolution for common devices.
  • Detection paradigms.
  • Layout grids, pros and cons.
  • Dynamic Imagery and Background SVG.
  • Pixel Fonts.

Touch Events

  • The age of touch.
  • How to capture a touch event.
  • Multi touch and gestures.
  • What happens during a touch event.
  • Decoupling the touch and mouse events.
  • Mouse and Touch handlers, details and gotchas.
  • Mouse Wheels, shift, ctrl and alt keys.


  • New input types.
  • New attributes.
  • Form validation.
  • New CSS form-based selectors.
  • FormData Object API.
  • Browser support and Fallback.

Application Cache

  • Why take your app offline?
  • Understanding Caching.
  • Manifest and Server Config.
  • Effective use of Network, Fallback and Cache.
  • Progressive caching and cache expiration tips.
  • Using JavaScript to improve the offline UX.

Single Page Applications

  • Single Page Application paradigm.
  • #! and escaped_fragment, and fallback.
  • Push and pop states (History API).
  • Meta data for state.
  • Re-injecting and rebinding replaced elements.
  • Using third parties, Ajax and JSONP.


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21 Feb 2019

Graphics Designing
Thu-Fri-Sat 05:00 PM-06:30 PM

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