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Graphics Designing

This course is designed to fulfills the requirements of a beginnersas well as Professional Graphics Designers who wish to enhance their skills of Graphics and Animations in order to be able to design more attractive and appealing designs.

Graphics Designing Course Contents

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Corel Draw

Introduction to COREL DRAW X5

  • Welcome screen + workspace tour + overview
  • Vector vs. bitmap
  • Customizing the page layout
  • Working with multiple pages
  • Using snap to + guidelines

Drawing shapes

  • Rectangle tool - ellipse tool - ctrl +shift
  • The pick tool + zooming
  • Polygons, stars, spirals + graph paper
  • The perfect shapes collection
  • Selecting objects
  • Deleting objects
  • Duplicating objects + step + repeat
  • Cut, copy, paste
  • Undo, redo, repeat
  • Arranging objects
  • Grouping + un-grouping

Creating custom shapes

  • Curve tools
  • Freehand tool
  • Bezier tool
  • Curves + nodes
  • Adding, deleting nodes
  • Bending + straightening lines

Colors + Fills

  • Introducing color palettes
  • Cmyk, rgb and pantones

Filling objects

  • Using the interactive fill tool
  • Solid fills
  • Linear, radial, conical + square fills
  • Two color patter fills
  • Full color pattern fills
  • Bitmap pattern fills
  • Texture fills
  • No fill


  • Outlines and advanced outline options
  • Converting outlines to objects
  • Using the eye dropper and paint bucket tool

Working with artistic text

  • Creating artistic text with the text tool
  • Character formatting + fonts
  • Spelling + quick correct
  • Fitting text to path
  • Inserting symbol characters
  • Converting text to curves

Working with paragraph text

  • Creating paragraph text with the text tool
  • Creating columns
  • Additional paragraph features

Shaping objects

  • Using the Trim command
  • Using the break-apart command
  • Using the weld command
  • Using the simplify command

Working with bitmaps

  • Importing bitmaps
  • Cropping bitmaps
  • Using the image adjustment lab
  • Applying effects to bitmaps
  • Using photo-paint + the cut-out lab
  • Using the magic wand mask tool
  • Using the clone tool
  • Resolution
  • Re-sampling bitmaps
  • Converting vector objects to bitmaps
  • Exporting to jpeg + png formats

Using the interactive tools

  • The interactive blend tool
  • The interactive contour tool
  • The interactive distortion tool
  • The interactive drop shadow tool
  • The extrude tool
  • The interactive transparency tool

Final Assessment

  • Designing a business card
  • Designing a flyer
  • Designing an invitation
  • Designing a logo
  • Publishing to pdf for print + web

Adobe Photoshop

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CS6

  • Bitmap vs. vector
  • Resolution and quality issues
  • Viewing/opening documents
  • Tool bar
  • Most commonly used palettes

Rulers, guides and grids Layers

  • Background v layer, creating layers
  • Preserving data
  • Re-arranging
  • Hiding, locking/unlocking
  • Naming, deleting
  • Layer opacity

Layers Styles

  • Shadow effect
  • Glow effect
  • Bevel & Emboss effect
  • Color Overlay
  • Gradient Overlay
  • Pattern Overlay
  • Stroke


  • Flipping, scaling, rotating, distorting, perspective
  • Control options
  • Free transform, straighten or tilt

Working with Text

  • Warp Text
  • Text with underline and Strikethrough
  • Text with mask


  • Image sizes (handout)
  • Image size vs. canvas size
  • Cropping (and resizing), plus manual
  • Image modes
  • Basic retouching with clone, heal, patch tools

Color adjustment

  • Basic tonal adjustment/enhancement
  • Brightness/contrast: when to use levels (+ auto), shadow/highlight

'Quality' adjustment

  • Dust and scratches, reduce noise
  • Blur, Gaussian blur
  • Sharpen/unsharpened, and size issues


  • Various tools, tool options
  • Inversing, feathering, grow, smooth, expand, similar
  • Pen tool specifics
  • Paths to selections
  • Selection with Mask

Outputting for the Web

  • Optimizing for Web colors
  • Resizing and compressing an image for quick rendering


  • Save options, file formats for InDesign, web etc.
  • Paths to Illustrator
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Project achievements:

  • House ad/poster
  • Duotone photograph
  • Repaired photograph

Adobe Flash

Understanding the Interface

  • The Document Window
  • The Timeline
  • The Layer Controls
  • The Edit Bar
  • The Toolbar
  • The Panels
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

Using the Drawing and Color Tools

  • Drawing Tools Defined
  • Lines, Strokes, and Fills Defined
  • Drawing with the Pencil Tool
  • Using the Oval and Rectangle Tools
  • Using the Brush Tool
  • Modifying Strokes and Fills
  • The Merge and Object Drawing Models
  • Grouping Objects
  • Creating Gradients
  • Drawing with the Pen Tool
  • Modifying Paths

Animation Basics

  • Understanding Key frames and Frames
  • Frame-by-Frame Animation with Key frames
  • What Is the Frame Rate?
  • Recommended Frame Rates
  • Inserting and Deleting Frames
  • Copying and Reversing Frames
  • Using Onion Skinning
  • Testing Movies

Filters and Blend Modes

  • Blend Mode Basics
  • Working with Blend Modes
  • About Filters
  • Working with Filters
  • Colorizing a Grayscale Image

Motion Tweening and Timeline Effects

  • Classic Tween
  • Shape Tweening vs. Motion Tweening
  • Understanding Basic Motion Tweening
  • Using Tweening Effects Editing Multiple Frames
  • Using a Motion Guide
  • Animating Text
  • Animating with the Blur Filter
  • Animating with the Drop Shadow Filter
  • Basic use of Bone Tool

Working with Bitmaps

  • Understanding the Benefits of Bitmaps
  • Compression in Flash
  • Importing and Compressing Bitmaps
  • Importing Bitmap Sequences
  • Converting Bitmaps to Vectors


  • Using Basic Masking
  • Using Animated Masks


  • Button States
  • Button Types
  • Creating Rollover Buttons
  • Creating Rollover Buttons with Text
  • Duplicating and Aligning
  • Buttons
  • Creating Invisible Buttons

Movie Clip

  • What Is a Movie Clip?
  • Creating a Movie Clip
  • Animated Graphic Symbols vs. Movie Clip Symbols
  • Creating an Animated Rollover Button with movie clips
  • Putting an Animated Rollover Button into Action

Action Script Basics and Behaviors

  • Mouse, Keyboard, Movie Clip, and Timeline Events
  • Controlling Movie Clips
  • Goto
  • Stop
  • Stop all sounds
  • Paly
  • On
  • Get url

Working with Text

  • Text Field Types
  • Creating, Modifying, and Formatting Text
  • Loading Text into Dynamic Text Fields
  • Working with Dynamic Text and HTML
  • Working with Input Text

Use of Scenes with Buttons


Importing Sounds

  • Creating Background Sound with Sound Effects
  • Controlling Animation and Sound with Stop/Play Buttons

Publishing and Exporting

  • Creating Projectors
  • To Publish or to Export?
  • Exporting Image Files
  • More About the Publish Settings
  • Flash, HTML, GIF, JPEG, and PNG Settings

Final Project

  • Create a MOVIE to Audience


Practical Approach

  • The real-life examples will be given throughout the lectures.

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29 Mar 2017

Mon-Wed 06:00 PM-07:30 PM

30 Mar 2017

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