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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Online Earning

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This is a chance for Students of Bachelors and Master Programs, Fresh graduates and Freelance developers to learn SEO tips, techniques, methodologies and software to attain top organic search engine ranking of your websites.

Introduction to SEO

  • Introduction to SEO and Online Earning

  • Search Engine Optimization Approaches

  • Concepts of Off page and On Page

Understanding Search Engines

  • Classification of Search Engines

  • Crawler-Based Search Engines

  • Human-Powered Search Engines

  • Pay-for-Performance Search Engines

  • Hybrid Search Engines

  • How Search Engines Rank Pages

  • Search Engines Basics (Google/Bing)

Market Identification

  • Defining your Niche and Audience

  • Identify Your Top Five Competitors

  • Online target market Identification

  • Realizing the power or value of internet

On-Page Optimization

Picking out Keywords

  • Defining your Niche and Audience

  • Preparing to Research Keywords and Getting Suggestions

  • Keyword Research and Optimization

  • Using Keyword Suggestion Tools

Optimization – Tuning the Pages

  • Key Concepts: Keyword Prominence, Density, Proximity and Frequency

  • Creates Effective Title and Meta

  • Optimizing Layout of Your Pages

  • Optimizing Navigation and Menus

  • Duplicate Content Issues

  • Local SEO for Your Site

How to Build SEO Friendly Website

  • Defining your Niche and Audience

  • Title, Meta Tag Creation and Optimization

  • Images SEO with ALT attributes

  • HTML Concepts (Basic)

  • Website testing and Analysis

Off – Page Optimization

Website Submission

  • Search Engines’ Submission Rules and Guidelines

  • Submitting to Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing etc

  • Creating a Search Engine Friendly Sitemap

  • Submitting to Directories

  • Submitting to Business Directories

  • Submitting to Classifieds

  • Participating in Forums

  • Blogs Commenting

  • Create Link Wheel

Link Marketing

  • Link Popularity and Link Quality

  • Google PageRank, Local Rank and Hilltop Algorithms

  • Link Building Strategies and Techniques

Monitoring Search Engines Rankings

  • Issues with Automated Ranking Monitoring

  • Learned About Analyzing Organic Search Traffic

Techniques to Avoid or Use at Your Own Risk (Search Engine Spamming)

  • Black-Hat Techniques vs. White-Hat Techniques

  • SEO Code of Ethics

  • Gray-Hat SEO

  • What to Do if your Site Has Been Penalized

Web Analytics

  • Introduction to Web Analytics

  • Analytics and Goals

  • Google Analytics Setup

  • Free Analytics Tools [adfreestat]

Online Earning

Working with AdSense

  • Create your own Domain

  • Hosting for Website

  • Basic Idea about website

  • Build your own website

  • Google Indexing, XML Sitemaps

  • How to manage website

  • How to create AdSense account

  • Manage account and Earn Money!

  • AdSense Note

Search Engine Advertising

The Sales Funnel and Customer Life Cycle

  • The Customer Life Cycle: Reach, Acquisition, Conversion, Retention

  • Reach and How to Measure It

  • Acquisition and How to Measure It

  • Conversion and How to Measure It

  • Retention and How to Retain Visitors

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