Below are some phenomenal ways to improve English

1. Speak

The perfect pill that helps you to improve English is just simply, speak it up.  Try to speak it with as many people as possible and don’t be afraid of making mistakes while speaking. Moreover, surround yourself with people who speak in English and have fluency in the language. Speak English even if you are weak in it, this will help you to gain confidence. Every day, you have so much to speak, so try to speak it in English!

2. Listen, read and write

In order to talk in English, you must need the accurate words that fit the environment. So to be the best speaker, you have to listen to podcasts, radio and watch English movies to add value to your words. Every day read a magazine, novels, blogs, articles or maybe some informative stuff or stories online as technology has served a wide range of reading material in your hands. Remember to keep a notebook with yourself to write every single word and expression that enhance your vocabulary.

3. Prepare vocab sheets

You might be nervous in choosing words if you have just started speaking English, so to solve this problem, keep the sheets of new words or vocab with yourself. For example, if you are going for an interview, make a sheet of vocab related to your role by surfing on the internet. Use this technique before doing anything that might make you anxious.

4. Try to learn a variety of phrases

Here is another useful tip to be fluent in English. Instead of speaking only individual words, try to speak in phrases also. But be careful, sometimes there might be a mistake in choosing the wrong phrasal expressions that are not ideal for some situations. To make your English the best ever, learn formal as well as informal phrases because these two are the main cores of life.

5. Think and talk to yourself in English

It’s obvious and natural that everyone thinks but in their native language. When you commence thinking in English it will not only develop new thoughts with advanced words but also make you comfortable while speaking English. Likewise, when you are alone, talk to yourself. Speak and describe yourself to yourself with imaginative expressions and creative words.

6. Leave grammar and focus on fluency

Being a beginner English speaker, there is a pause or you might get confused and stop speaking. Why does this happen? Because you are focusing more on grammar than fluency. When speaking English, you might get lost in whether the words or tenses you use are correct or not, which desist and breaks the impression that you just built up. If you focus on speaking fluently instead of grammatical mistakes, you’ll still be understood and sound better.

7. Attend the online lesson and give the test

This is also a fruitful thing you can do from your home, sitting on a couch with the internet connection. Across the internet, there are many applications as well as websites that bequeath online English lessons free of cost. So why don’t you avail this opportunity? This will also help you to memorize different words and phrases as you will be tested for whatever you learned during the lesson. So stop being lazy and opt this universal language right now!