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M. Hanan – 17 Oct 19

It was a very good experience. The atmosphere of class was very good and the teaching method of Sir was very much humble and appreciating.

Muhammad Dil Nawaz – 10 Oct 19

ICT is a best training center. I learnt a lot from here. It is very good training center. Teaching faculty is excellent.

Mahnoor Atta – 26 Sep 19

The overall atmosphere is very amazing and the instructor is well aware about his subject. I will definitely come here for more courses and refer it to other people.

Hassan Khalid – 26 Sep 19

I just experienced my best learning period here in ICT Trainings. This is one of the best institute in Lahore for career growth & development.

Syeda Zainab Zahra – 24 Sep 19

I have learnt so much about graphic designing. Instructor's method of teaching was very good. I have learnt through daily class assignments. Overall experience was good.

M. Shahid Riaz – 18 Sep 19

Sir Mian Ahsan is very strong in presentation and punctuality in contents of course. He is good teacher in actual meaning.

Muhammad Awais – 03 Sep 19

It is an excellent institute for short courses. I will refer myself again for an other course. And I will refer my friends to come here.

Ali Shah Shafaqat – 03 Sep 19

I really appreciate Sir Ahsan because of his method of teaching. The atmosphere was neat and clean. I experienced as a friendly atmosphere at ICT trainings. It was my luck to study at ICT training. I will never forget the training and instructor in my life. May Allah bless ICT trainings and my instructor Sir Ahsan

Saad Naveed – 31 Aug 19

It is one of the best institute of computer course in Lahore. Outstanding teacher and friendly learning enviornment.

Muhammad Saud – 31 Aug 19

Learned a lot , good institution with a good and hardworking teacher. Interesting course.Enjoyed the days at ict. Happy hours.

Hira Sajid – 31 Aug 19

My feedback to this institute in positive way. The way of teaching and teachers are polite and full of knowledge. I am satisfied to this institute totally.But also a suggestion to provide the laptops or computers who's are not able.Thanks.

Arslan Ejaz – 24 Aug 19

It was a good experience training at the ICT.It helped me to develop my skills of Abobe photoshop etc.

Sufyan Tufail – 24 Aug 19

Teaching was in very friendly manner.Learnt the course with proper motivation.

Mahira Aramish – 21 Aug 19

Computer Lab must be included in course after class.

Aasma Aas – 17 Aug 19

It was good experience by ICT Institute . Especially our instructor have good experience to fascilitate us.Thanks

Zainab Zahra – 08 Sep 19

The experience was good and I learnt about different tools and the teacher was goog as well.

Sadiqa Sultana – 08 Sep 19

I learned a lot from here.My teacher Sir Ahsan is a very good teacher and very nice person.He explained for every student more than once time.I felt myself very secured in this institute and I also much impressed with my teacher and institute as well as staff.

Mahnoor Atta – 08 Sep 19

The overall experience of this course was very informative.I learned about different softwares and got to know about different tools.The course teacher was on time and was a great teacher.

Shahleeza Khan – 08 Sep 19

Co-operative teacher good environment.Friendly understanding course , teacher class environment is friendly.

M Awais Zaib – 08 Sep 19

It?s a very nice experience here for me.The teaching mathod is excellent and enviornment is also good.I will prefer myself again here for another course.

Mahnoor Amjad – 08 Sep 19

The experience was good and the teacher was good.

Syeda Shan e Zahra – 08 Sep 19

I learned two new softwares,which helped me in attaining high geadesin my basic subjects.Overall experience is great.My teacher was always punctually , to be very frank,I got one of the best teacher.Last but not the least,atmosphere is friendly.Thanks

Hira Amin – 08 Sep 19

Attending an ICT was a great way to sharpen my skills.Two months spent here helped me grow professionally and the learner-centric environment alongwith the curriculum was really motivating.

Fouzia Farooq – 08 Sep 19

Its good Experience.

Hassaan Khalid – 08 Sep 19

Well,it was my best choice ever to represent myself as a student in ICT.Staff is very co-operative , atmosphere plus environment is so perfect.Sir Ahsan teaches in perfect way which is bestly understood by me.Thus my experience was good & will prefer this institute again for another course too.Thanks.

Ahsan Tauqeer – 08 Sep 19

Sir Ahsan is perfect teacher and his way of training this course is awesome.Environment also awesome and I prefer myself for this institute in another course.Thanks

Muawiya M.Khan – 08 Sep 19

Very good institute.

Ahmed Asif – 08 Jun 19

Training of Graphics Designing course was good and the atmosphere of the class was good and the style of teaching was also good.I would surely recommend my friends about ICT.

Amna Fakhar – 31 Jul 19

I experienced the best atmosphere here.

Muhammad Faisal – 23 Jul 19

The atmosphere of the ICT Training center is very comfortable for me. ICT training center is very clear and peaceful.The method of the teaching is very easy and clear every questions.The instructor is very kindful.His method of teaching easy and gainful for me.Classroom of the training centerclean and enjoyful.

Tariq Mubashir – 23 Jul 19

Overall it was a great experience being a part of this institute .If I would have to do any other course I will look to join ICT again.

Zohaib Hassan – 23 Jul 19

It was a good experience to learn here. The faculty staff was too cooperative. Teachers have excellent skills. Overall the atmosphere is too learned and it has its cores and values.

Kanwal Sohail – 23 Jul 19

It was a good experience learning here. I learned basic techniques of designing quite well. Atmosphere was also very pleasant and comfortable.

Neelam Tariq – 23 Jul 19

Everything is excellent but the atmosphere of classroom was not that good due to different kind of students.Butt overall it was really satisfying regarding the teachings.

Waqar Qais – 23 Jul 19

Sir was very kind and humble good atmosphere to teach I refer my friend to join us.

Hamza Sohail – 23 Jul 19

Instructor's method of teaching is very good and skill to communicate very well.

Hassan Razi – 23 Jul 19

Atmosphere is good

Abdul Haris – 23 Jul 19

All the things apart this institute provides the good atmosphere to the students.

Usama Akmal – 23 Jul 19

The atmosphere is excellent the trainer is very good and have excellent communication skills.

Fasih – 23 Jul 19

I was doing Graphics Designing from this institute . Atmosphere was excellent. Instructor was very good. In short I am satisfied from this institute.

Ali Ahmad – 23 Jul 19

no comments

M Sahaab Sajid – 17 Apr 19

Good instructor and atmosphere. No need to change

Syed M Kumail Mahdi – 17 Apr 19

All over good

Rahila Batool – 17 Apr 19

Should be more time of class duration and course duration , as well as G D there should be morning batch of spoken English

Esha Hamid – 17 Apr 19

Highly professional and accomadating to each and every student . Had a great time learning.

Sumbal wahid – 17 Apr 19

I showed very good atmosphere in this institute and good method of teaching.

Abdullah Salman – 17 Apr 19

Outstanding atmosphere of this institute . Instructor was very helpful for me told me all those things clearly and handle his class very well.I will prefer my friends n cousins to join this institute if they want to learn Grapgic Designing

Hamza Salman – 17 Apr 19

It was an excellent atmosphere to learn by the experts and is helping a lot

Usama bin Manshah – 17 Apr 19

Very good atmosphere here. Sir Ahsan teach with effort .Here I learn a lot.Also staff is very good.

Salwa Nazir – 17 Apr 19

I was completely satisfied by my teacher Sir Ahsan.He taught us well.ICT staff was also co-operative and students were good too.I will recommend ICT to my friends and family.

M. Ali Shahzad – 17 Apr 19

Trainer was having & providing good learning approach but there should be allowed to share the slides

Komal Raza – 17 Apr 19

Good atmosphere