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CCNA [Cisco Certified Network Associate]

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CCNA Data Center Course Contents

The CCNA Data Center builds the knowledge & capacity for the Data Center environment, based on Nexus-OS.

Cisco Data Center Networking (640-911)

Describe How a Network Works

Describe the purpose and functions of various network devices

  • Interpret a network diagram
  • Define physical network topologies

Select the components required to meet a network specification

  • Switches
  • Describe and identify Nexus hardware specifications
  • Describe and identify Nexus licensing requirements

Use the OSI and TCP/IP models and their associated protocols to explain how data flows in a network

  • IP
  • TCP
  • UDP

Describe the purpose and basic operation of the protocols in the OSI and TCP

  • TCP/IP
  • OSI layers

Configure, Verify and Troubleshoot a Switch with VLANs and Interswitch Communications Using Nexus

Explain the technology and media access control method for Ethernet

  • IEEE 802 protocols

Explain basic switching concepts and the operation of Cisco switches

  • Layer 2 addressing
  • MAC table
  • Flooding

Describe and configure enhanced switching technologies

  • VTP
  • VLAN
  • 802.1q
  • STP

Implement an IP Addressing Scheme and IP Services to Meet Network Requirements in a Medium-Size Enterprise Branch Office Network Using Nexus

Describe the operation and benefits of using private and public IP addressing

  • Classfull IP addressing
  • RFC 1918
  • RFC 4193

Describe the difference between IPv4 and IPv6 addressing schemes

  • Comparative address space
  • Host addressing

Configure, Verify, and Troubleshoot Basic Router Operation and Routing on Cisco Devices Using Nexus

Describe and configure basic routing concepts

  • Packet forwarding
  • Router look-up process (Exec mode, Exec commands, Configuration mode)

Describe the operation of Cisco routers

  • Router boot-up process
  • POST
  • Router components

Cisco Data Center Technologies (640-916)

Cisco Data Center Fundamentals Concepts

  • Describe network architectures for the Data Center describe the purpose and functions of various network devices i.e. LAN, SAN
  • Describe the Modular Approach in Network Design
  • Describe the data center core layer
  • Describe the data center aggregation layer
  • Describe the data center access layer
  • Describe the collapse core model
  • Describe FabricPath
  • Identify key differentiator between DCI and network interconnectivity
  • Describe, configure, and verify vPC
  • Describe the functionality of and configuration of port channels
  • Describe and configure virtual device context (VDC)
  • Describe the edge/core layers of the SAN
  • Describe the Cisco Nexus product family
  • Configure and verify network connectivity
  • Identify control and data plane traffic
  • Perform initial set up

Data Center Unified Fabric

  • Describe FCoE
  • Describe FCoE multihop
  • Describe VIFs
  • Describe FEX products
  • Perform initial set up

Storage Networking

  • Describe initiator target
  • Verify SAN switch operations
  • Describe basic SAN connectivity
  • Describe the different storage array connectivity
  • Verify name server login
  • Describe, configure, and verify zoning
  • Perform initial set up
  • Describe, configure, and verify VSAN

DC Virtualization

  • Describe device Virtualization
  • Describe Server Virtualization
  • Describe Nexus 1000v
  • Verify initial set up and operation for Nexus 1k

Unified Computing

  • Describe and verify discovery operation
  • Describe, configure, and verify connectivity
  • Perform initial set up
  • Describe the key features of UCSM

Data Center Network Services

  • Describe standard ACE features for load balancing
  • Describe server load balancing virtual context and HA
  • Describe server load balancing management options
  • Describe the benefits of Cisco Global Load Balancing Solution
  • Describe how the Cisco global load balancing solution integrates with local Cisco load balancers
  • Describe Cisco WAAS needs and advantages in the Data Center.


Practical Approach

A real-time example will be given throughout the lectures, starting from design, analysis, implementation and maintenance of network.

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21 Feb 2019

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Thu-Fri-Sat 05:00 PM-06:30 PM

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