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Web Development Just Now
Web Development [PHP Track] [Download Outline] Web Development Course Over...
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Digital Marketing with Shopify Just Now
Digital Marketing with Shopify Training  “Digital Marketing is lik...
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Flutter with Dart Just Now
Flutter, developed by Google, is an open-source UI software development toolkit...
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Android Apps Programming Just Now
What is android programming? [Free Download Outline] Android apps programm...
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Canva Just Now
Fundamentals of graphic design Elements of graphic design Color schemes a...
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Python for Artificial Intellig... Just Now
Introduction to Python and AI Overview of Al and its applications Introd...
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MERN Stack Just Now
MERN Stack Introduction to MERN Stack? MERN stack development is a free an...
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AutoCAD Just Now
AutoCAD [Covering Autodesk Certified User Exam] [Download Free Outline]...
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C/C++ Language Just Now
C/C++ introduction [Download Outline] C is a high-level programming langua...
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IT Office Just Now
IT Office [Download Free Outline] Introduction to Ms Office Micros...
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Java Just Now
Advanced Java Programming [Download Free Outline] Introduction Java is...
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Web Designing Just Now
Web Designing [Download Outline] Web design encompasses many different ski...
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Graphic Designing Just Now
Best Graphic Designing Course in Lahore [Download Outline] Graphic design...
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Microsoft AZ-800 Just Now
This study guide should help you understand what to expect on the exam and inclu...
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Digital Marketing Just Now
DIGITAL MARKETING Introduction [Download Outline PDF] Digital marketing...
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Full Stack Development Just Now
Full Stack Development Course Course Outline Full Stack Development is HTM...
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Video Editing Just Now
Video Editing Course description This video editing course is meant for begin...
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Ali Hussain – 24 Nov 23

Good experience with Sir Qasim Nadeem have great teaching way

Syed Ahmed Zafar – 05 Aug 23

Excellent environment Such a pleasure to study here really great mentor to learn something new.

Fahad Amir – 09 May 20

Sir Awais Khan is literally the best trainer of digital marketing and SEO out there. Highly recommended.

Junaid Saleem – 08 May 20

Awais Khan is a very professional trainer. He has complete command over the subject. He has been very helpful & also kept sharing additional skills & techniques that could help us in our practical life.

Ahmed Iftikhar – 20 Apr 20

Sir Awais Khan is very good and loyal about his job. He is very kind to his students. The best thing is about trainer and ICT institute is that they all are very friendly and kind to his students.

Faran Nazim – 20 Apr 20

Sir Awais is very polite teacher. He teaches us with great concept and perform everything practically.

Ahmed Iftikhar – 31 Jan 20

Atmosphere of ICT is very good and friendly. Sir Awais is a very good trainer and very responsible. He is very professional and good in Digital Marketing and SEO.

M. Faran Nazim – 31 Jan 20

Sir Awais Khan is a very nice teacher. He teaches us in a very friendly environment. Also he didn't get us to the shortcuts, he gives us many tips about online earning.

Fahad Amir – 31 Jan 20

ICT is a good institute offering various courses. Instructor is literally the best trainer of Digital Marketing and SEO. Highly recommended.

Junaid Saleem – 31 Jan 20

Trainer Mr. Awais Khan is a very professional person. He has complete command over the subject. He has been very helpful & also kept sharing additional skills & techniques that could help us in our practical life.

Ali Javed – 14 Dec 19

It was a good experience in this class. Concepts were quite clear

Mudassara Yasmine – 14 Dec 19

ICT is place where you can enhance yourself professionally

Muhammad Haris Rasheed – 12 Dec 19

The trainer has been very good in teaching the course. Was punctual and covered all the topics of the course. Has been very friendly and was open to all sorts of course related questions.

Ameer Hamza – 12 Dec 19

Best part of Sir Awais Khan is to create friendly environment while having class. Whatever he teaches, teach in depth. Everything wisely.

Usama Amin – 12 Dec 19

One of the best teacher i have ever had. Full of knowledge and friendly. Knows how to teach student. Understands student's mentality.

M. Abu Bakar – 12 Dec 19

MashaAllah Sir Awais Khan is a nice teacher. Each and every thing was practical. Due to his hardwork I get an internship opportunity.

Mohammed Ahmed – 27 Nov 19

Good staff. Environment is good. Sir Muhammad Awais Khan is very nice person and teach us thoroughly. May Allah give him long life.

Usman Rafique – 16 Nov 19

Really loved my time here. Sir Awais is a great teacher and has a depth of knowledge of digital marketing. I would recommend everyone to enroll in this course. wish this institute huge success in future.

Fizza Nadeem – 05 Oct 19

ICT is best institute as trainers and environment both are very good especially to learn something under Sir Awais. Sir Awais has a very vast knowledge of his subjects and he keeps the environment of the class well maintained. I really learnt a lot in ICT.

Faizan Ahmed – 05 Oct 19

One of the best experience with ICT training center. Sir Awais has been very supportive and accommodative throughout the course. He has helped me a lot being a professional digital marketer. He has genuinely supported me a lot , it was a pleasure having him as my trainer.

Usman Rafique – 05 Oct 19

Great teacher, learnt a lot of good things from him. I would recommend to never let him go from this institute. He has a great depth of knowledge in digital marketing. Wish this institute have more success in future.

M Rizwan Khan – 29 Jul 19

Overall my experience at ICT is excellent and it is very usefull in terms of instructor which deliever the content as per our need.Highly recommended for my friends.

Mohammad Ahmed – 27 Jul 19

Sir Awais Khan aik bht ache Sir hai unho ne humen bht ache se parhaya.Jitni dafa jo cheeze poochte thay btatay thay aur bura nae mantay thay , love u Sir thankyou so much.

Sidra – 27 Jul 19

It was great to be part of this course.Very informative course with friendly enviornment.However , the time management is required to be on safe side for any kind of inconvienence.The teacher was very helpful and cooperative.

M.Asad Mushtaq – 27 Jul 19

The course was taught to us in detail.Every thing was delivered by our instructor in awesome way. Even he got out of the way to explain us other things which are relevant to the course.And I very much happy to say that just because of this course I got an internship in one of the reputed organization.All of the credit goes to Sir Awais Khan.

M.Umar Abbas – 27 Jul 19

I don't know what to say.The course was very good.Sir Awais trained us in a very good way.I think I have learn't everything about D.M.

Arooj Sajjad – 17 Apr 19

good class enviornment excellent communication skills