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Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development is HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js training will help you to learn: Building full stack applications in JavaScript using the latest technologies, Architect Full stack applications from scratch, Design and build RESTful APIs using Node.js Express and MongoDB, Create and use MongoDB databases, Develop modular and maintainable Single Page Applications using Angular.

Course Outline [Download]

Front-End Development


  • Fundamentals of HTML
  • Basic HTML tags
  • Format text on Web Pages
  • Incorporate images
  • Create hyperlinks
  • Create complex image maps
  • Create tables and nested tables
  • Insert a form on a web page
  • Set, modify form field properties: text field, drop-down, check box, radio button
  • Validating HTML

Cascading Style Sheet - CSS

  • Introduction
  • Designing with Style Sheets
  • Style Sheet Syntax
  • ID, Class Contextual Selectors
  • Linked (External) Style Sheets
  • Cascading Order
  • Properties: Text, Font, Colors, Backgrounds, Borders
  • Floating Elements
  • Absolute and Relative Positioning i.e. Div’s etc.
  • Layering Elements with the Z-Index
  • Animation of objects

JavaScript & Document Object Model - DOM

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Variables and  Objects
  • Decision Making Statement: If, Switch
  • Loops: For, While & Do While
  • Arrays
  • Functions and Prototypes
  • Core JavaScript Objects
  • DOM Introduction
  • DOM Event Model
  • DOM Functions i.e. Document.Write, Document.GetElementById, Document.bgColor etc.



  • Core Concepts of JSON
  • Arrays
  • JSON Parse
  • JSON Stringify
  • Accessing JSON via AJAX in Javascript


  • Core Concepts of Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Classes
  • Alerts, Buttons, Badges, Cards
  • Carousel
  • Forms
  • Modal
  • Bootstrap Grid System


Single Page Application


  • What is TypeScript?
  • Language Overview
  • Type Annotations [Datatypes]
  • Type Assertions [Type Casting]
  • Inferred Typings
  • Expressions & Operators
  • Control Structures
  • Arrays
  • OOPs in TypeScript
  • Creating Classes & Objects
  • Transpiling Typescript to Javascript


Introduction and Overview

  • Course Introduction
  • What is Angular?
  • Features and benefits of Angular
  • So many Angular versions! What's up with them and which version does this course cover?
  • Angular vs Angular 2 vs Angular ++

ClI Deep Dive and Troubleshooting

  • Installing Angular
  • Creating New Project

A Basic Project Setup using Bootstrap for Styling

  • How an Angular App gets Loaded and Started
  • Project Setup and First App
  • Editing the First App



  • Components are Important!
  • Creating a New Component
  • Understanding the Role of AppModule and Component Declaration
  • Using Custom Components
  • Creating Components with the CLI & Nesting Components

Components & Templates

Data Binding

  • What is Databinding?
  • String Interpolation
  • Property Binding
  • Property Binding vs String Interpolation
  • Event Binding
  • Bindable Properties and Events
  • Binding to Custom Properties
  • Assigning an Alias to Custom Properties
  • Binding to Custom Events
  • Assigning an Alias to Custom Events
  • Passing and Using Data with Event Binding
  • Important: FormsModule is Required for Two-Way-Binding!
  • Two-Way-Databinding
  • Combining all Forms of Databinding

Filteration - Pipes


Structural Directives

  • Using ngIf to Output Data Conditionally
  • Enhancing ngIf with an Else Condition
  • Styling Elements Dynamically with ngStyle
  • Applying CSS Classes Dynamically with ngClass
  • Outputting Lists with ngFor
  • Getting the Index when using ngFor
  • Understanding ngSwitch

Attribute Directives

  • Building an attribute directive


Observables & RxJS

View Encapsulation

  • Understanding View Encapsulation
  • Using Local References in Templates
  • Getting Access to the Template & DOM with @ViewChild
  • Projecting Content into Components with ng-content
  • Getting Access to ng-content with @ContentChild


Using Services & Dependency Injection

  • Why would you Need Services?
  • Creating a Logging Service
  • Injecting the Logging Service into Components
  • Creating a Data Service
  • Understanding the Hierarchical Injector
  • How many Instances of Service Should It Be?
  • Injecting Services into Services
  • Using Services for Cross-Component Communication
  • What new in Services?
  • Singleton Services


Routing & Navigation

Material Design


Server-Side Development

Database Management System


  • What is MongoDB and its Versions?
  • MongoDB CLI
  • Administration & Query Browser
  • Creating Databases and Collections
  • Data Types:Varchar, Int, Char, Date and Time
  • Deleting databases and collections
  • Inserting, Retrieving, Updating and Deleting documents
  • MongoDB User Accounts, Privileges and Access Control
  • MongoDB documentation

Node.js using Express Framework

  • Node.js - Get Started
  • What is Node.js
  • Node.js Process Model
  • Setup Dev Environment
  • Node.js Console
  • Node.js Basics
  • Node.js Modules
  • Local Modules
  • Export Module
  • Node Package Manager
  • Node.js Web Server
  • Node.js File System
  • Debugging Node.js
  • Node Inspector
  • Node.js EventEmitter
  • Frameworks for Node.js: Express.js
  • Express.js Web App
  • Serving Static Resources
  • Node.js Data Access: Access MongoDB
  • Template Engine: Jade
  • Project: Web Application and WebAPI


Get Started

  • Create Account
  • Ionic CLI
  • Build with ionic Creator

Development Environment for Ionic

  • Introduction to Ionic
  • Ionic Commands
  • Project Structure
  • Configure Android Development Environment for ionic
  • Configure IOS Development Environment for ionic
  • Creating the ionic application
  • Serving the first application
  • Ionic Development

CSS Components

  • Colors
  • Icons
  • Buttons, check boxes, Inputs
  • Other utilities

Mobile UIs

  • Introduction to Mobile UIs
  • Where mobile UI Framework Fit In
  • First Page
  • Second Page
  • Toolbars
  • Toast
  • Dialogs
  • List Views

Ionic APIs

  • Camera API
  • Connection API
  • File API
  • Notifications API
  • Storage API
  • Media API
  • Storage



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